Futsal Final

Published on: Oct 19 2015 by Administrator


Boys Final

The final match is held between PANDAS VS SPARTAN. The final was a mix of safety-first passing and moments of individual quality which produced goal scoring chances. Two teams renowned for playing their way out of tight situations chosen for simple solutions designed to pre-empt their opponents’ counterattacking. Under pressure, the Pandas resorted to goalkeeper Bimal Gaire or lofted the ball along the flanks; the Spartanians passed back for goalkeeper Anish Thakuri to make a long clearance. When compromised, neither team had fears about knocking the ball out of play.But the goalkeepers also had opportunities to shine: Anish Thakuri with outstanding save shows his quality when Sayal Vaidya hit the ball on top right corner. The first turning point came during a spell in which Dipesh Bhandari scores a beautiful goal and give champion a lead. The key player of Spartan, SumanThapa was on total trap of Pratik Budathoki, the defender of Pandas. However, the referee has given him warning but he hadn’t left him till the end of the match. Every spectator presented had a huge expectations upon him. In the start of the second half Suman Thapa , leading goal scorer of the match rolled the ball into the Pandas net and levelled the score. Sumit Shrestha, at last mintue scored a goal for Pandas and the game ended as 4-1.The Spartanians extenuated by their efforts against the Pandas, sank to the floor after getting two successive goals by Dipesh Bhandari and one goal by Sayal Vaidya and Sumti Shrestha. Finally, Pandas celebrated a 4-1 win and become First DWIT futsal champion.



Girls Futsal Final Report

The long running DWIT Futsal Tournament came to its end with the final two games for both boys and girls. The final for the boys was between two best teams of the bunch, Spartans and Pandas. But before that, the girl’s final was played between Askio and Shady FC. The match was expected to entertaining and a cracker. It did live up to that expectation. Askio fielded Nikita Gautam, Asmita Kuwar, Shreha Regmi and Ruby Shrestha in goal while Shady FC had Sharun Sangat as captain, Rojina Shrestha, Neesha Dhungana, Sneha Parajuli and Asmita Bista in the field. The match was started by Askio and made an immediate impact by scoring within 2 minutes into the match. The goal was scored by Nikita Gautam who alongside Asmita Kuwar was the main goal threat for Askio. Shady FC was finding it hard to find their feet in the match as they were left wide open in counter. Askio could have made them pay but failed to do so.But after a while, Askio doubled their lead as Nikita scored her second goal. Shady FC also created some chances but failed to take them. At the half time, the score was 2-0 in favour of Askio. But Shady FC started the second half in style by making the score line 2-1. The goal was scored by Sneha Parajuli. Both sides had some chances to score but couldn’t convert any of them. But finally Sneha again scored for Shady FC making it a tie game. Tension was rising for both teams as one goal could seal the game for either team. Both attacked each other’s to win the game but Sneha scored her third of the match to give Shady FC their first lead and complete a wonderful comeback. Askio couldn’t score another goal and the match ended 2-3 in favour of Shady FC. Each player played their best in a classic match but Shady FC was the deserving winner with the final score 2-3.