DeerFest Sports Event

Published on: Sep 18 2015 by Administrator

DeerFest Sports Event

After all the program and snacks of Deerfest, it was time for some sports. DWIT Sports Club organized 3 major games; Tug of war, balloon blowing competition and Penalty Shootout on the occassion of Deerfest.


1) Tug of War

First event was Tug of war in which there were 3 teams of respective batches 16, 17 and 18. Since there were 3 teams so there was a lucky draw in which 16th batch got direct final entry so 1st round was held between batch of 17 and 18. 17 dominated 18th batch and were qualified to finals to challenge 16th batch but 16th batch was too much for 17th batch. 17th batch were beaten and the champions of tug of war were batch of 2016 and were regarded as physicaaly strongest in DWIT.


2) Balloon  Competition

Another game DWIT Sports Club organized was balloon inflating competition. It was a open challenge for all the batches. There were 14 participants. They were show the approximate size of balloon and asked to inflate the balloons as per the requirement. In the first round 7 participants were selected to participate in the competition. Similarly, second round was conducted. The players with highest balloons were able to reach final round. Utkrista, Pema and Binod with 7 balloons reached final from first round. Pratik was the only player from second round to reach finals with 8 ballons. The final was fun to watch. Utkrista was able to inflate only 4 balloons, Binod and Pema inflated 10 balloons. Pratik inflated 11 balloons and won just by one balloon.

3) Football Event

        a) Girls

Score the goal event was on for girls. Many girls participated. One after another, all girls began to shoot at the target. But, maybe it was not their lucky day. Only two girls Munmun Shrestha and Asmita Subedi managed to score the goal where the woodwork was nearly 12 meter far. At the second round, no one was able to score so a next round must be conducted. And finally Asmita Subedi of 017 batch triumphed over Munmun and was declared as winner.

          b) Boys

It is most attended sports in the deerfest. Almost all the boys have participated in this event. In this game the brick was kept in a distance of 15m from the kicking spot. One have to hit the brick by foot in order to select for next round. The person who failed to hit the brick will be eliminated from the game. This is continued until we get the winner one. Back to the deerfest, In the first round there were 7 players selected to second round after hitting the brick. They were: Sagar Giri, Dipesh Bhandari, Bimal Gaire, Anil lama , Abhishek Gupta, Pratik Budathoki, Prajwal Sthapit. In the second round only player Sagar Giri managed to hit the brick and regarded as a winner.