THE BOOK CLUB “Weekly Discussions” (Session #15)

Published on: Sep 03 2015 by Administrator

DATE: August 18, 2015

TIME: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm


PARTICIPANTS: Suraj Regmi, Umesh Dhungana, Nisha, Asmita Subedi,Neesha Dhungana, Ashish Khanal,

Shreha Regmi, Nirmal K.C, Sunil Lamsal, , Sachin Aryal

ABSENTEES: Nikita Gautam, Rohit Bajimaya, Rojan Maharjan, Shibesh Duwadi,

REPORTED BY: Suraj Regmi

“Mother’s love is the pure love. It is that form of love that does not seek for gain” said Shreha and started discussion. We discussed the writer styles of writing. It was descriptive. Some readers might not like this book because theirs expectation on reading title, “The Art of Loving’ could not fit with what is really inside the book. Erich Fromm, the writer of the book has also said that the book does not teaches how to make girls or boys fall in love with you but it shows different aspects of the love. The love that is selfish, the amateur love, the mature love, pure love etc. The book says we love others not actually because we love them but because we want to be loved by them.

After discussion for around forty five minutes, we were surprised by our president, Sunil Lamsal. We had a surprise treat from our president. We went to F3 food services in Jayabageshwori. We shared our food. We had fun. In the meantime, we shared our ghost stories. It was already half past seven when we departed. This was an awesome discussion session.