DWIT Weekend Futsal (GIRLS)

Published on: Sep 02 2015 by Administrator

Title: DWIT Girls Futsal

Date: 1st August, 2015

Venue: Bhatbhateni Futsal, Maharajgunj

Participants: Aasha Poudel, Ashmita Kunwar, Munmun Shrestha, Nikita Gautam, Ruby Shrestha, Shreha Regmi, Sharun Sangat, Sneha Parajuli, Rojina Shrestha, Nisha Dhungana


On 15th August 2015, The Sports Club organized a Futsal event for girls which was held at Maharajgunj, Bhatbhateni. This event was organized again due to the enthusiasm shown by the girls in the first futsal event.



The event kicked off at 10 am and all the girls were eager to play. Initially a warm up session of about 1 was held. There were two teams which was given separate mentors. Team A consisted of Nikita Gautam, Ruby Shrestha, Sarun Shrestha, Asmita Kunwar and Sneha Parajuli. Team B had Munmun Shrestha, Aasha Poudel, Nisha Dhungana, Shreha Regmi and Rojina Shrestha. They were eventually going to play as opponents after the training session. The session involved basic muscle exercise, cardio and stamina development drills. After that some shooting techniques were taught for about half an hour.

Then the match began and all the girls played with a positive attitude and winning spirit, after a while the game started to heat up and finally Team A won the match with the score 2-1. It was a really fun game to spectate.  But it was unfortunate that that one of the participant, Asmita was badly struck by the ball and was taken into emergency immediately. Luckily it was not a major injury.