DWIT Weekend Futsal (BOYS)

Published on: Sep 02 2015 by Administrator

TITLE: DWIT Sunday Futsal

Date: 1st  August, 2015

Venue: Sky Goal Futsal, Bhatbhateni Rooftop, Maharajgunj 

Participants: Shankar Koirala, Prabin Rai, Anil Lama, Sanjeev Budha, Suman Thapa, Muskan Lamsal, Bidur Banstola , Bimal Thapa, Gaurav Thapa, Sushant Chitrakar , Binod Aryal, Yunish Shakya, Anmol Shrestha, Ronit pardhan , Sayal Vaidya, Prayush Shrestha, Ashish Subedi , Umesh Dhungana , Subin tha Shrestha, Dipesh Poudel ,Subash Parjapati , Sabin Pathak, Shrijak Shrestha, Rakesh Shrestha

DWIT sports club organized the Futsal in SkyGoals Futsal on Sunday. There were 25 students who arrived to play futsal. All the player were requested to bring their own football kits. Besides that, the club had provided the bibs for players.



The players were divided into 5 team with 5 players in each team.  The rule was, the team who      scored a goal won the game and the loser team had to leave the ground making a way for the other  team. The match was very competitive. The match was repeated on structured manner. Since, it was  the resume of futsal after couple of month so many players cannot show their skills as expected.  They lacked the football skills. Though they cannot perform well but they were happy and thanked  the Sports Club for organizing the Futsal.