Fortnightly Movie Show Series XXVI:– ‘Mad Max- Fury Road’

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Fortnightly Movie Show Series XXVI:– ‘Mad Max -Fury Road’


New Hall


17th July, 2015


The Documentary/Movie Club


Batch 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


Mohan Singh Bomrel


Subin Tha Shrestha


Mohan Singh Bomrel



School of Computer Science and Information Technology

The Documentary & Movie Club

Mad Max  Fury Road

17th  July, 2015

Genre: Adventure, Thriller

Running time: 120 min

The title is perfect for the movie. This is how an action-pack, speed movie should be like. In the movie, the world is suffering from drought and famine. Because of the scarcity of water, freak and crack Immortan Joe makes dominance over all. A warrior Furiosa runs away with 5 wives of Immortan Joe through the crazy road of all the hardship to a ‘green world’. He chases her. Then, the hunt begins.

While the oblivious narrator of the movie (Max) wanders around in order to survive in the dismantled world where there’s desert everywhere, Furiosa strives for hope and redemption. He hears scream and fearful reasoning of his family haunting him because he was unable to save them. In the battle of hard metals, Max ends up as a resource and sacrifice in the chase. Even though he lost hope, he somehow agrees to help Furiosa as if he’s being tested so that he can live on.

The battle is of pure metal and feral men. The movie gets more exciting as it gets weirder.  There’re life-threatening stunts. The battle is engraved with heavy arms. It is really impressive because there’s a guitar being played in the middle of the war. After the entire struggle passing the wild yet passionate men, Furiosa finds her goals in shambles. The world isn’t green anymore.

The movie discloses the feminine power. Furiosa meets the mothers whom she knew around her goal (‘green world’). She decides to run with the mothers and girls far from the reach of Immortan Joe. Max leaves too but takes different way.

Max thinks to stop running away. He returns to Furiosa to deliver her the hope. The movie turns to the fury road again.

The movie ends with all wild men dead and Max getting hold of his thoughts. Therefore, in my opinion, it’s absolutely feminism in this movie. There’ll be a sequel of the movie. You must watch Mad Max: Fury Road.

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