The Software Club- MEETING

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TITLE: The Software Club­ MEETING

DATE: 06/24/2015

TIME: 2:30­ 2:55 PM


Abhishek Gupta, Biplav Shrestha, Yashin Shekh, Munmun Shrestha,Manish Dangi



• Discussion on DeerCoder

• Discussion on template of software club magazine


• The president of the club Abhishek discussed about the new rule to be enforced in the DeerCode session.

He emphasized on the ideas of making the session more interesting and fun rather than just programming. He

explained some of his ideas i.e. increasing the number of participants so that the environment will be quiet competitive.

Additionally, he emphasized on making the coding environment more strict so that DeerCode team

could judge on the real programming skill of the participant.

• Manish design a new template for the upcoming magazine which is going to be published by the software

club. Abhishek gave some advice so that the template could be more better. Moreover he discussed about the

standardization of the font so that the page looks better in front of the viewer. Since there are some missing thing on the

template made by manish, he will be showing his next design on next meeting as guided by Abhishek.


DATE: 1 July 2015

VENUE: Class of 2017 ‘B’

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