THE IT CLUB – WEEKLY MEETING | 22th July, 2015

Published on: Jul 29 2015 by Administrator


DATE: 15 July 2015

COORDINATOR: Sagar Giri (President)

PARTICIPANTS: Sagar Giri (President),Nischal Aryal, Raman Maharjan, Surya Raj Timilsina, Bipin Poudel, Sanjaya Rimal, Aasish Subedi

REPORT BY: Sagar Giri (President)

Today we discueed on following topics:

  • Giving WinBox credential to Bipin and Nischal since Surya and Sagar won’t be available all the time in college to monitor the hotspot.
  • We plan to organize a workshop session on Linux for at lease 10 DWIT students. Workshop will be conducted after the board exam of 3rd and 4th-year students is completed.
  • We also discussed on rules set in DWIT lab and some rules need some modification as well as introduce some of the new rules.
  • Discussed on changing UPS batteries for some PC’s.

After this discussions, the meeting was concluded.