THE IT CLUB – WEEKLY MEETING | 15th July, 2015

Published on: Jul 15 2015 by Administrator


DATE: 15 July 2015

COORDINATOR: Sagar Giri (President)

PARTICIPANTS: Sagar Giri – 2016 (President),Nischal Aryal-2018, Osheen Shrestha-2018,Raman Maharjan 2018,Surya Raj Timilsina,

REPORT BY: Osheenshrestha-2018

Today we had a talk on internetissue. The hot and happening agenda of DWIT. Last time in All Hands Meeting Rudra Sir promised to provide all the things that are required for the setup of the internet for the fast internet facility.As per his promise IT club got an AP of 84000. This has definitely provided us to sort some problem.As I said just some.To solve those some problem we need to increase the bandwidth of internet. We decided to send mail to administration regarding it. Atthe middle of the meeting we had our Hitesh Sir for discussion. He was curious about the things we were planning. The other things we planned to do is to maintain the UPS. We arranged all the computerof the lab. This is how our meeting ended.