SWITCH, AP installation and LAB maintenance – July 4th, 2015

Published on: Jul 05 2015 by Administrator


DATE: 7nd July 2015

COORDINATOR: Sagar Giri (President)

PARTICIPANTS: Sagar Giri – 2016 (President),Nischal Aryal-2018, Anil Lama,Raman Maharjan 2018,Surya RAj Timilsina, Pratik Budhathoki, Aashish Subedi

REPORT BY: Pratik Budhathoki – 2016


On 4th July , 2015 DWIT IT Club maintained the computer lab. Club members started maintains work from 11:00 am and completed the work at 3:00 pm. The task was to make sure all he computers worked fine, all the necessary software and applications for the upcoming practical exam were installed.

Twenty-two machines are in working condition in Computer LAB. Three UNIFI-APs that we demanded were delivered this morning and we’ve configured and installed one AP on the top floor of DWIT (just beside LAB). Other AP’s will be installed on 2nd floor after deciding where are we going to put the switches and the wirings. To install the switches, we faced some difficulties since we didn’t have proper equipments like DB-9 Ethernet console cable and Serial to USB adapter. Also, we didn’t know how to use hyper terminal to configure the switch. So, we just installed it and is being used as a dumb switch without any configuration. For the switch configuration, we need help from the IT department – DWS.

All together seven club members were present on the very date for the task. Members present were Pratik Budhathoki, Anil Lama, Ashish Subadi, Sagar Giri, Surya Raj Timilshina, Raman Maharjan, Nischal Aryal. First three were the new members in IT Club. New members along with Raman Shrestha installed the software and maintained the computer lab. They fixed all non-working computers, formatted some and solved the UPS problem. Rest of the members were busy installing new switch and routers and manage the internet connection. At around 3:00 pm everything was fine so we checked everything for the last time. It was four hours work for Seven IT Club Members. After the completion of the work, we all went to take some snacks.