THE IT CLUB – WEEKLY MEETING | 17th June, 2015

Published on: Jun 18 2015 by Administrator

DATE: 17th June
COORDINATOR: Sagar Giri (President)
PARTICIPANTS: Sagar Giri (President), Nischal Aryal, Osheen Shrestha, Ojaswi Poudel, Surya Raj Timsina.
REPORT BY: Nischal Aryal
Today we initiated our meeting by studying and discussing the requirement of PC specification provided to IT department by Media Club. After that, we members discussed on a project assigned to IT department to make a local server for file sharing/application hosting purpose, where our club president gave each one of us individual task to research and study on. Topics assigned to the members were:


  • Starting an intranet connection (Surya Raj Timsina)
  • Server load balancing and monitoring (Ojaswi and Osheen)
  • Tomcat deployment and its errors. (Nischal Aryal)
  • Apache server (Sagar )


Thus, discussion for the local server project was today’s agenda in meeting. After the meeting, all member started to check the lab machines. We also checked the server that was kept at Alok Sir’s office and we found out that the server was used to deploy Annapurna Product for DWS. Thus, this was the end of the meeting.