THE BOOK CLUB “Weekly Discussions” (Session #7)

Published on: Jan 22 2015 by

DATE: Thursday, 22 January 2015

TIME:  4:40 pm – 5:40 pm


PARTICIPANTS: Ashish Khanal, Suraj Regmi, Shreha Regmi, Nikita Gautam, Umesh Dhungana, Nisha Dhungana, Nirmal K.C,Shibesh Duwadi, Rojan Maharjan,

ABSENTEES:  Sachin Aryal, Sunil Lamsal

REPORTED BY: Rohit Bajimaya

Today our discussion was based on what writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez wanted to give message for us with this particular novel. Everyone had given there views on what they felt like this novel is all about. The main theme of the writer we thought was he is trying to tell that everyone has a period of solitude in there life one has to learn from there mistakes and move on and everyone is special on there own field. The writer has created a world that connect us from past to the development of the society and there concepts. In the novel each and everyone has the period of solitude and that’s what each and every person has to go through. Also one of us mentioned the writer tells that everyone is connect with each other spiritually. There were few more discussion about the conducting the ECA program some of us suggested drama while some said we can summarize the character sketch of every character of the novel. We were planning to do a quiz on our final session next week and Nikita sister was to invite Menosh to our session next week. We all were assigned to search the best essence on what really did the writer wanted the reader to know by completing this novel.