Hiking 15: Hiking to Manakamana via Kareni

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Hiking to Manakamana via  Kareni


Driving(Sifal >> Kareni), Hiking(kareni>>dada gau>>manakamana), Driving(kurintar >> Sifal)


14th December 2014


Amrit Silwal, Sanjeev Budha-016


Sanjeev Budha-016,Sagar Giri-016,Manoj Gyawali-018,Suman Thapa-016,Asmita Bista-016,Anju Shahi-016,Ashim Regmi-016,Arjan Poudel-018,Sandesh Acharya-016,Shankar Koirala-015,Pratibh Acharya-015,Gaurab Thapa-018,Mallika Bhattarai-018


Sagar Giri(016)


Mallika Bhattarai-018


Amrit Silwal




Report by  Mallika Bhattarai-018

On 14th of December, The Hiking club organised a hike to Manakamana. It included thirteen students and Amrit Silwal (senior accountant) as a college representative.

We were supposed to leave at 06:20. However, it was nearly 07:30 when we left the college. The twelve of us were, of course, really excited at first. But the energy level wasn’t quite the same for another few hours. At about 09:00 we stopped to have breakfast. It took us three more hours to reach Khaireni. Khaireni is such a beautiful place, I must say, and we just cannot get enough of watching that piece of Heaven. At 12:30 we started the hike. Our eyes were kind of tired looking at the laptop and mobile phone screen. It was exhilarating staring at the beauty of nature for a change.

There was this big hill we were to climb in order to reach our destination – Manakamana temple. Being well aware that we had way lesser time in hand than planned decided to proceed anyway. Walking was fun for the first few minutes. The smell of freedom, the greenery, the untouched (kind of) beauty of nature, the weather- everything was perfect. Then, it got difficult to walk with the same pace and energy. It was raining slightly and the muds got slippery making it more difficult to walk. It took us nearly four hours to reach the top. But the feeling of accomplishing something after such hardwork is what no words can describe. With a bit of commitment, belief and hardwork we were able to reach the temple at 16:30. It was freezing cold and had already started getting darker. We hurried for the tickets as the cable cars only worked till 17:00 and we had no intentions of returning all the way back on foot. On the cable car, all we could think about is what a privilege it is to have something like this to prevent us from all these kind of difficulties. Once we got down we moved to have dinner. We rested there for a while and headed back to Kathmandu. As expected everyone was tired so we slept on our way back. It was nearly 22:15 when we reached the college.

Report by  Anju Shahi-016

I was awaken by the sound of the alarm at 6:30. Today we were hiking to Manakamana and I did not want to be late. A sudden sound disappointed me; the sound of rain. Some part of me felt relieved because I could go back to sleep since there would be no hike if its raining, of course. So I went back to sleep, but once again, I was awaken by a call and it was from Sanjeev, president of the hike club. He told me to come college as fast as possible and that everyone had arrived except for me. I thought he was joking, but he told me that he was serious.

I reached college around 8 am after got called many times for president, and yes, he was right; I was the last one to come. I scanned the crew feeling guilty at the same time. Only half of it, I recognized, the remaining half was fresher. It was still drizzling and 14th of January. So you can guess how cold the weather was but thank god there was a heater in the vehicle. After an hour or so, our vehicle came to a half all of a sudden. In front of us, was a very long line of buses and other transportations. Yes, it was this inevitable traffic jam.  Finally, after waiting for half an hour we escaped from that evil. Not soon after, we stopped for breakfast at Naubise around 10:30am. The vehicle had just started to catch its pace when it was stopped by yet another traffic jam. When I ignored my sister said “the day you travel, there will be jam for sure” but now I am beginning to believe what she said is somehow taking its form, but I did not share that “important information” with others because if I had they would never travel with me again. But thank god this game was not that long. We played cards and for the first time I won Rs 400. I was overjoyed. Finally, we reached Abu Khaireni at 12:30 pm. From there we had to walk uphill to Manakamana Temple.

I bought Lays, Wai Wai packets and some chocolate bars to eat during the journey. Since my bag was already packed I stuffed these in the president’s bag and warned him not to go far away from me, not more than 2 meters (I could not trust him with my precious snacks). We crossed a bridge and started climbing uphill. Not soon after, I took off my thick jacket because it was starting to get hot in there. A few guys were left with T-shirts only. We had to take support from trees and hang on the vines so that we could save ourselves from the slippery and muddy path, thanks to the drizzle.

On one of situation we took a short route which was much more slippery by the way. Shankar was the first to reach. He was recording if anyone slipped by chance than he would have, you know somewhat like a troll. I somehow passed the test and we had great expectations from Suman but sadly he was clever; he passed. Then we experienced the unexpected. Another guy from the batch 18 tried, but he nearly slipped wait there’s more. While turning back, he fell flat on the muddy ground. That was, I am sorry to say, but very, very funny and hence, the video was recorded. Thanks to Sagar. After walking for a couple of hours we stopped at Dada Gaun for a cup of tea. Ashim told that he smelt some kind of aroma. That aroma was coming from grandmother’s teenpani (haha) behind us. On the way we saw lots of orange trees. It was a great view and they tasted sweet and refreshing.

Finally, after 4 hours of climbing we reached our destination, Manakamana. The place where Bhagwati, god of wishes resides according to Hindu religion. It was freezing cold out there. So we worshipped from outside, took some pictures and headed towards cable car ticketing place. It was already past 5 pm. Soon we were in the cable car. From the cable car we could see nothing outside because of fog. Blood ran cold when the cable car passed through the jolting but it was fun. Finally, we had dinner at the Kurintar at 6 pm.

That day, I discovered two guys that love taking selfie more than girls; Ashim and Shankar. Ashim ran whenever someone took selfie and later I heard that he took 1400+ pictures that day. Two guys who ate like Kumbhakaran but have the body of a skeleton; Shankar again and Sagar. Above all, the fact that Sanjeev did not sleep until 3 am, checked the weather forecast and against all odds did not cancel the hike proves that he is a good president or he’s crazy.