Cash Donation for the Treatment of Sabina Tamang

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“Social Service Club’s initiative to help Sabina Tamang”

“If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives.”

                                                                                                                                                                                    – Robert South

On July 25 2014, DWIT Social Service Club decided to raise fund for the treatment of Sabina Tamang who got severely injured by grinding machine while trying to pull out rice from the machine. The club raised the fund from among the students, faculty and other members of Deerwalk Institute of Technology. It took about two weeks to raise the fund.

Sabina Tamang, 22 years, a sister-in-law of Suman Jimba who was the former employee (guard dai) of DWIT. Sabina is from Panchthar district, Mouwa VDC, Ward no.5. She belongs to a poor family with two children and her husband works in Qatar. After the dreadful accident, which caused her head and neck injured and pulled all her skin from skull; she was admitted to Neuro Hospital, Kathmandu. According to doctors she have to undergo many major surgeries again and again which would cost really a huge amount of money and due to her financial problems, later she was transferred to Bir Hospital, Kathmandu. She has been admitted in hospital for more than two months. Efforts for donations have been made from all sides and now she is doing pretty well and her health condition is improving.

The news had shattered most of us and we, the members of the Social Service Club decided to help Sabina Tamang raising fund within us. We all actively involved to raise the fund from the students and others members of DWIT. In first two days, we were able to collect more than Rs. 3000 for the help of treatment of Sabina Tamang. As many students were on leave due to the midterm examination, the fund couldn’t be raised as expected but after a week we again continued to raise fund and collected more than Rs. 6500. Finally, we succeed to collect Rs. 7000 for the fund. Though the amount we collected, is not enough for her treatment we still believe that we could be some help for her.

On 23rd August, Social Service Club decided to visit Bir Hospital to know about her health condition and as well to donate the fund the club had collected for the treatment of victim, Sabina Tamang. Mohan Singh Bomrel, a student at DWIT and a member of SSC went for the visit as a representative of the club. When he reached there, the patient was being accompanied by her brother and sister. While asked about her health condition, she said that was feeling much better than before. Treatment is in the continuous process and she still needs to stay in hospital for four months to get recovered. Her family was extremely happy to get the donations from the students of Deerwalk Institute of Technology through the Social Service Club and is thankful and offered blessing to those who have donated. The students and the club wishes for her good health and early recovery.

Doing Treatment of Sabina Tamang

   Donating Cash to Sabina Tamang      

Sabina Tamang at Bir Hospital