FIFA 14 Tournament Day 8

Published on: Sep 04 2014 by Administrator


PARICIPANTS :  Abhishek Gupta, Pratik Budhathoki, Ujjwal Upreti, Ronit Pradhan, Ashish Khanal and Saroj Shrestha.

DATE: 09/02/2014

PLACE: Lhotse Hall

REPORT BY: Pratik Budhathoki

EDITED BY: Pratik Budhathoki


The first match was played between Ujjwal Vs Ronit. Ujjwal preferred using keyboard as his controller whereas Ronit took joystick. The match got started and looked very competitive at the beginning. Once the first game was scored by Ronit the situation changed. Ronit with his tactical play started to take control over the game and finally won with the score line of 4 – 0. This leads Ronit to quarters .

The second match was between Saroj and Ashish . Saroj took Real Madrid and Ashish Barcelona. The El-Clasico kicked off. Both the sides were equally talented. Later in the game Ashish scored the first goal followed by second too. Saroj tried to come back into the game by scoring his first goal but was unable to defend well and Ashish made it three. So with the final score was 3 -1 and Ashish goes to semi-finals.

The third match was between Abhishek Vs Pratik. Match started with both the players taking real Madrid as their team. In the final minutes of first half Pratik scored his first goal and took the lead. Sooner on the second half he scored his second goal. With no goal scored by Abhishek the final  score was 2-0 which leads Pratik to Semi-Finals.