Hike 12: Hiking From ChiyaBagan Via Chiasapani

Published on: Aug 29 2014 by Administrator
TITLE Hiking from Sundarijal Chiyabagan via Chisapani
ROUTE / VENUE Driving(Sifal>>Sundarijal),Hiking(Sundarijal>>Chisapani),Hiking(Chisapani>>Chiyabagan),Driving(Chiyabagan>>Sifal)
DATE 17th August,2014
COORDINATOR Anil Parajuli-016, Pankaj kc-016 (President)
PARTICIPANTS Sandesh Sharmaa,Pratik Budhathoki,Sachin Aryal, Prabina Neupane, Surya Raj Timsilsina, Snajeev Budha, Sagar Giri, Ashish Bikram Lamichhane, Anju Shahi, Asmita Bista, Sunil Lamsal, Sanjeev Mainali, Sharun Sangat, Sameer Shrestha, Shankar Koirala, Pratibh Acharya
PHOTOS BY Surya Raj Timilsina-016, Sagar Giri-016
REPORT BY  Anil Parajuli-016
CREATIVE SUPPORT Bijaya Kumar Shrestha(Academic Program Coordinator)
EDITED BY The Hiking Club


Report By: Anil Parajuli-016


On 17 August, 2014, the Hiking Club of DWIT organized hike to Chispani. There were a total of 18 students participating in the hike. They were led by the hike coordinators, me (Anil Parajuli) and Pankaj kc  and by Bijay Kumar Shrestha Academic Program Coordinator of DWIT.

The hikers left the college premises at 7 am in the college bus. It took us around one hour to reach our starting point and get ready for hiking. The weather was cool and we were really happy to get far from the tension of the city. After walking for a few minutes we could not believe that we were still in Kathmandu. The beauty of the nature mesmerized us. We were really enjoying the beauty. For people like us who are used to city noise, listening nature’s peaceful noise was something.After walking for some time I came across bitter reality that took all the fun away. There were some kids who were studying in class one and they have to walk for one and half hour just to get to school. I can’t imagine the pain their legs take so that their brain can develop. The funny thing is we complain if the driver stops the vehicle a second far from our spot because we have to walk more and there are these kids who are happy that they got the chance to study and are willing to take the pain.

We reached our destination Chisapani at around 2:00 P.M. After we reached there it started raining. We waited for some time and the raining stopped. We had just started our journey back it again started raining again. Some of us had brought an umbrella which we shared. Even though the rain in combination with leech and mosquito caused a lot trouble it was a very enjoyable hike. After the rain got stopped we again start walking to Chiya Bagan ,it took 3 hours to reach Botechaur and we complete our hike.We walked almost 35 km.

We had our lunch and returned to college in evening.



Thirsty Hikers Ready to Go @DWIT

Arrived At Sundarijal for Breakfast

Hike Starts At Sundarijal 

Bijay Sir Enjoying his first hike with us

Water Fall in the way Boys are Enjoying the moment 

In the way to Chisapani

Before the Rain Starts, Hikers preparing for the rain

Unfortunately Hikers Caught in the rain, But They Enjoyed it a lot

One and only Surya Raj

Butterfly in her hand

 Girls Group

Time for a group photo Near Chisapani

After reaching the Bhotechaur from Chisapani Sachin Aryal from batch-016 showing his Gymnastic skills 😉

Beautiful moment for the hikers 🙂

At Zero kilo waiting for the College Bus to Arrive

Shankar koirala-015 , Looking tierd