DWIT Media Club Weekly Meeting Minute-XII

Published on: May 17 2017 by mediaclub

Meeting – XII-The Media Club-05.08.2017

Start Time: 11:30

Duration: 60 Mins

Report ::Iris Pokharel


Sajak Baidhya,Iris Pokharel, Raman Maharjan,

Absentee: Abhishek Khanal, Basistha Ghimire,Saras Karanjit,Pema Tamang,


  1. Paristhiti-2

2.Off the Script talks 2nd episode

3.One Day at special place Video shoot(2nd Part)

Action Items:

  1. Paristhiti -2 script finalized. Insearch of lead actress. Project in halt for some time.

2.Off the script talks 2nd episode: Biker stories to be done on 13th and 14th of may

3.One day video’s 2nd episode to be done soon. Venue set to be either patan or basantapur.