Club weekly meeting minute- IX – 04.27.2017

Published on: May 01 2017 by socialserviceclub

Meeting Minute IX- The Social Service Club – Fridays – April 27 2017

Start Time: 10:10

Duration: 30 minutes


 Dhiraj Dhungana

 Kedar Sedai

 Kushal Bista

 Siddhartha Giri

 Mallika Bhattarai


Bandana Aryal


Further plans for upcoming events


– Required number of members to visit the children home to teach them each Friday

– Find out appropriate walls for painting

– Selection of themes to paint on the wall

Action Items:

– Siddhartha and Kedar will go to the Forest Ministry to gather information about the possibility of


– Dheeraj and Kushal will go to teach on 28 th April

– Siddhartha and Kedar will go to teach on 5 th May

– All the members will look for suitable themes