Weekly club meeting minute- VIII – 03. 17.2017

Published on: Apr 24 2017 by socialserviceclub

Meeting – VIII – The Social Service Club – April 17 2017

Start Time: 02:00 PM.

Duration: 30 min


 Dhiraj Dhungana

 Kedar Sedai

 Kushal Bista

 Bandana Aryal

 Mallika Bhattarai


 Siddhartha Giri


 To create a calendar which will have the fixed date for major and minor events.

 Wall painting near polluted areas to create the awareness among people.

 Surprises for the orphans on their birthday by giving them unexpected treat.

 Teaching orphans weekly and guiding them to go through their problems by visiting to their



Bandana , Kedar, Dhiraj and Siddhartha : Will research on the wall painting program.

Kushal and Malika: Will visit various orphanage within the valley.