Weekly Meeting – XI

Published on: Apr 07 2017 by hikingclub

Weekly Meeting  – Hiking and outdoor activities Club – 31/3/2017

Start Time: 1:15pm


Participants: Arika Joshi, Prayush Shrestha, Kriston Pal ,Shreeya Regmi , Sunita Kunwar


Absentees: Ashish Kc


1) Performance evaluation of members.

2) Growth evaluation of members.

3) Adding / axing members.

4) Achievement made till date.

5) Future plans / events.

7) Video presentation (complete video including narration).

8) Destination report presentation (Two days Hike).

Action Items:

  1. The interview for the new member in the club is taken.
  2. Ayush Sedai selected as new member.
  3. Different ideas for the further events are to be presented by the members in the next meeting.
  4. The incomplete videos are to be presented in the next meeting.
  5. Future plan to be discussed with Surendra Sir and then to be confirmed.