Meeting Minute – 11 – Documentary Movie Dramatics – 03.28.2017

Published on: Apr 03 2017 by documentaryclub

Date: 03-28-2017
Participants: Abhisekh Khatiwada, Babin Karki, Bimal Thapa, Jubindra KC, Rishitosh Acharya, Albin Lamichane
Location: Room 003

1. Club Blog

2. Fellowship Documentary

3. New Project ” Phul”
Discussions: blog ptototype

2. Documentary overview

3. Phul demo take


1. Jubin Albin and Suyog will work on prototype of Club’s blog.

2. Overal format and flow of documentary will be prepared by Rishitosh and Babin

3. Bimal will lead project phul.