One Day Extempore

Published on: Apr 03 2017 by deerexpressclub

On 31st March , the Deer Express Cub organized a one day Extompore session. The session started on 10.20 AM. With the maximum students from the batch 2020, the club decided to choose people in random to speak on the session itself. Passing the parcel was played in order to select the participant which filled the air with laughter and enjoyment.

The first one on whom the music stopped was Jubindra K.C followed by Pallavi Ghimire, Akriti Sharma, Avinay Basnet, Sunita Kuwar. For the last participant call, audience polled was taken and Tejas Pant truned out to be the most favourite one.

Each participant were judged by 4 judges in different criteria. The judges for the event were Aayusha Paudel, Akankshya Shrestha, Bishesh Katwal and Takdir Bartaula who judged on Grammar, Content, Body language and overall.

The participant had beautiful thoughts on the topic which they spoke. “Having lunch inside the class, getting mass punishment and giggling about it with friends and the laughter we had during the school days are some of the glorious time from school” ,said Akriti sharma who spoke on the topic, “Your favourite school memory”. Similarly wanting to be rich, Pallavi Ghimire expressed what else she wanted to do if she could rule the world.

“Not expressing my feelings to the girl I liked the most back in school is something I regret”,said Avinay Basnet who spoke on the topic “10 years from now what do you think you will regret” He managed to impress the audience as well as the judges with his words and won the session. On the runner up position we had Jubindra K.C who also put very good points speaking on the topic “The power of facebook”.

The winners enjoyed their victory receiving chocolates from overall judge Takdir Bartaula. Everybody had a good time and people had their mind refreshed from the preparation for the exams that are around the corner.