Debate Session | Club Special Deertalk

Published on: Apr 03 2017 by deerexpressclub

On the 17th of March, The DeerExpress Club conducted the third session, Debate Session, of the Club Special Deertalk. The topic for the session was “मेलम्चीको पानीको आसमा काठमाडौंको धुलो खानु ठीक”. Among the 11 participants, 6 participants kept their points for the topic and 5 against the topic. Like every other session in Deertalk, the debate session turned out to be fun loving and entertaining where each of the participants seemed to be very excited to keep their opinion. Everyone had strong thoughts to prove their points. Some went saying ‘In order to have a bright day one must go through the dark night.’ while some stated, ‘Why not waste 2 more months when we have waited 18 years.’

Those speaking against the topic had a common opinion which raised concern about health. ‘Nothing can be more important than someone’shealth’ said one of the participants. Some were even emotional while putting their points. “People’s disease cannot be cured by any kind of water that the valley is going to be provided with” said Ashmita Thapa while defending against the topic.

Each participant was evaluated by a special panel of judges. Prayush Shrestha, Sabin Pathak, Bishal Timalsina and Anushka Maharjan were the juries.

Standing among the best, Takdir Bartaula representing DWIT News won the session while Mandip Prasai representing DeerExpress Club was the runner up.

The session turned out to be competitive and fun to attend.