Meeting Minute – 09 – Documentary Movie Dramatics – 02.14.2017

Published on: Apr 03 2017 by documentaryclub

Date: 02-14-2017
Participants: Abhisekh Khatiwada, Dipal Malla, Babin Karki, Bimal Thapa, Jubindra KC, Sulav Parsain, Rishitosh Acharya, Albin Lamichane
Location: Room 003

1. Open Screening
2. Kampan Release

3. Skit
1. Open Screening Publicity
2. Kampan Release

3.Skit for Deerutsav


1. Open Screen on 16th February. Mails will be sent today.

2. Kampan released today

3. Abhisekh will work on skit.

We have planned to continue the movie show session in completely different way. From this year we are screening Nepali…

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