GIT Workshop

Published on: Apr 02 2017 by softwareclub

TITLE: GIT Workshop
DATE: 18/03/2017
TIME: 11 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Sagar Giri

On 18 March, The Software club organized the GIT Workshop.

The main theme of the workshop was to make the participants familiar on how to use GitHub and its importance in the field of version control system.

The mentor for the workshop was Sagar Giri, a student of Batch 2016. Altogether 17 participants from different batches participated in the workshop. The workshop started at 12:00 PM and it lasted almost 4 hours. The workshop was very engaging and enthralling, everybody had a very keen interest in learning new stuffs and it was a very energetic workshop.

From today’s workshop, the participants learned about git, its history and how it had developed in the past years. Its uses in the development process. The participants learned to initiate repository, add and commit changes in the local server as well as github directory. During the workshop, snacks were also provided to the participants.


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