Meeting VIII – The Software Club – March 2, 2017

Published on: Apr 02 2017 by softwareclub

Meeting VIII – The Software Club – March 2, 2017

Start time: 11:50 am

Duration: 1 hour

Participants: Shreyansh Lodha , Sabin Pathak, Saurav Bhandari , Biplav Shrestha, Ajay Banstola, Suraj Prasai, Rachana Banjade


·         The schedule for the Git Workshop on March 18 was to be decided.

·         Token of love to be given to the presidents of batch 2016 in Deerutsav was decided.

Action Items

·         The schedule for the git workshop is to be decided by the workshop organizing squad and the mentor of the session would be Mr. Sagar Giri.              

·         All the members in the club decided the token of love that could be given to the Presidents of Software Club.

Minute Reported By: Rachana Banjade

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