Meeting minute IV-The Social Service Club- 2.1.2017

Published on: Feb 07 2017 by socialserviceclub

Meeting IV: The Social Service Club Date: Feb 1
Start Time: 10:10AM
Duration: 1 Hour
• Siddhartha Giri
• Kedar Sedai
• Kusal Bista
• Mallika Bhattarai

Group discussion to organize the upcoming event successfully.

Action Items:
In order to accomplish upcoming event successfully, division of work was done as follows:
1. Kusal Bista , Malika Bhattarai – They will monitor all of us.
2. Siddhartha Giri – He will manage campfire on Shivaratri.
3. Bandana Aryal: She will manage the Blood Donation Campagin.
4. Dhiraj Dhungana: He will circulate motivational and inspirational quotes around the notice board.