DWIT Media Club Weekly Meeting Minute-V

Published on: Jan 18 2017 by mediaclub

Meeting – V-The Media Club-01.16.2017
Start Time: 4:15
Duration: 70 Mins
Report ::Iris Pokharel
Sajak Baidhya,Iris Pokharel,,Basistha Ghimire,Saras Karanjit,Pema Tamang,Abhishek Khanal,Raman Maharjan
1. News Shoot
2. One Day Photoshop Training
4.Short Movie
5.Photo of the week
6.Media Walk
7.Media club special session and photo of the month.

Action Items:
1 Photoshop Training
a) Saras Karanjit And Sajak Baidhya to take the lead.
b)15-15 students to be divided in a group of two.
c) Course planning done.
d) Most probably to be done in weekend
2.News 40th bulletin
a) Cinematographers-Iris Pokharel, Abhishek Khanal
b) Editor-Saras Karanjit
c)Shoot Day:Thursday,Friday
3.Short Video
a)Superbabu Movie to be started from the end of January.
b)Basistha Ghimire to be the actor.
c)Actress to be selected eventually.
4.Photo of the week.
a) Result to be announced every Wednesday.
b)Competition to be opened every Monday and deadline for the weekly photot competition is Saturday.
c)Chocolates to be provided to every winners.
d)First week winners to be decided by the club along with the likes on facebook
e) After first week winners to be decided on the basis of the caption, facebook likes and The Media club
5,Media walk
a)Three Venues selected for the photo session( Baudha, Pashupatinath and Aasan).
b)Raman Maharjan, Rishitosh Acharya and Abhishek Khanal to be the cover.
c) Shoot to be started on February

6. Media club special session and photo of the month.
a) A presentation session to be done in the time of deertalk with co-ordination with Deer Express Club for the photo of the month session.
b) Presentation to carry some marks aswell.
c) Winner to be given special token of appreciation by the Media Club.