The DeerExpress Club Weekly Meeting-XXX

Published on: Sep 15 2016 by deerexpressclub

Weekly Meeting – XXV – The DeerExpress Club – 09/15/2016

Start Time: 2 P.M

Participants: Barsha Dahal, Prayush Shrestha, Sabina Shrestha, Prakriti Tuladhar and Milan Budathoki


  1. Weather to conduct DeerExpress Season this friday or not.
  2. Mega Debating Event 2
  3. Discussion about the video camera issue.

Action Items:

  1. DeerExpress Season
      a) There will be no DeerTalk this Friday due to blood donation event.

  2. Mega Debating Event 2:
    • It will be conducted on 20th September and the topic is “Being Neighbor with India Has Benefited Nepal.”
    • Prakriti will ne hoting the event.
  3. Camera:
    • We need our own camera.