The DeerExpress Club Weekly Meeting-XXIX

Published on: Sep 08 2016 by deerexpressclub

Weekly Meeting – XXV – The DeerExpress Club – 09/7/2016

Start Time: 2 P.M

Participants: Barsha Dahal, Prayush Shrestha, Sabina Shrestha, Prakriti Tuladhar and Milan Budathoki


  1. DeerTalk Season 20 Session 2
  2. Mega Debating Event 2
  3. Discussion about the video camera issue.

Action Items:

  1. DeerTalk Season 20 Session 1
      a) It will be held on 9th September.
      b) Only students from batch of 2018 will be the participants and audience.

      c) Prayush will be hosting

      d) Prakriti will be judging

  2. Mega Debating Event 2:
    • It has been postponed for now. It will be held soon.
  3. Camera:
    • We need our own camera.