The Hiking Club – Weekly Meeting Minuting, 23rd August, 2016

Published on: Aug 24 2016 by hikingclub

Meeting – XXXIII– The Hiking Club – 23.08.2016
Start Time: 5 pm
Duration: 30 min
Participants: Arika Joshi, Pratyush Nepal, Prashant Satyal, Kriston Pal, Abhishek Khatiwada
Absentees:Rojina Shrestha.

1.Next hike
3.2 day hike for batch of 19

Action Items
1.Next hike to pilot baba Ashram will be co-ordinated by Abhishek.
2.Changa chet will be scheduled before dasain but after exams of batch of 19
3.In any 2 day hike ,students of batch of 19 have not been able to involve because of extra class schedules and exams,
so the club has decided organize a 2 day hike involving them.