The Hiking Club – Weekly Meeting Minuting, 19th July, 2016

Published on: Jul 21 2016 by hikingclub


Meeting – XXVIII– The Hiking Club – 19.07.2016
Start Time: 4:30pm
Duration: 45 min
Participants: Arika Joshi, Pratyush Nepal, Kriston Pal, Rojina Shrestha, Abhishek Khatiwada
Absentees: Prashant Satyal

1. Hike this Sunday
2. Failure of Previous Event

Action Items
1. Concluded that previous event was failed due to high cost and form too was shared late.
2. This Sunday(24th July), Hike is destined to Namo Buddha.
3. Pratyush Nepal will coordinate the hike, Abhisekh will be helping him with that.
4. Video will be made more innovative.