Meeting – XXI – The Software Club – Weekly Minute

Published on: Jul 18 2016 by softwareclub

Meeting- XXI – The Software Club – 28/06/2016
Start time: 3:40 PM
Duration: 1 hour.
Participants: Subigya Nepal, Bikash Sapkota, Bipin Poudel, Sabin Pathak , Shreyansh Lodha, Biplav Shrestha, Ashim Regmi, Sachin Aryal, Prabina Neupane, Sameer Koirala
Absentees: Sushil Pokhrel, Rachana Banjade. Asmita Subedi. Bhishan Bhandari, Yashin Sheikh, Manish Dangi
 Final Planning of Deerthon
Action Items
 The activities to be carried out before and on the day of the event are listed and different members of organizing team will be assigned for different task.
 The worst cases that may arise during the event has been analyzed and make a plan for it also.
 Every member of organizing committee will make sure about their responsibilities before the event so that no any confusions will take place.