Meeting – XVI – The Software Club – Weekly Minute

Published on: Jul 18 2016 by softwareclub

Meeting- XVI – The Software Club – 08/05/2016
Start time: 12 PM
Duration: 3 hours.
Participants: Sabin Pathak, Shreyansh Lodha, Mohan Singh Bomrel, Biplav Shrestha, Yashin Sheikh, Manish Dangi, Subigya Nepal, Bikash Sapkota, Asmita Subedi. Bhishan Bhandari, Rachana Banjade, Bipin Poudel
Absentees: Sushil Pokhrel
 domain and Blogging continue
 Deerthon Planning
 Ongoing project discussion

Action Items
• The domain of all the members were checked and idea about blogging was given.
• Deerthon planning continue – Organizing team was formed. The members in the team from the club were Subigya Nepal, Sabin Pathak, Biplav Shrestha, Shreyansh Lodha, Bipin Poudel, Bhishan Bhandari, Sameer Koirala and from outside the club Sachin Aryal and Ashim Regmi were also selected.
• The ongoing projects leave app was followed.