The Hiking Club – Weekly Meeting Minuting, 26th July, 2016

Published on: Jul 28 2016 by hikingclub

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Meeting- XXIX -The Hiking Club-26.07.2016

Start time: 5 pm
Duration: Half an hour
Participants: Arika Joshi, Abhishek Khatiwada, Pratyush Nepal, Kriston Pal.
Absentees: Prashant Satyal and Rojina Shrestha

1. Next event
2. Hike Updates.

Action Items:
1. Pratyush Nepal will be making the video of the last hike went at Namo Buddha.
2. Abhishek Khatiwada will be responsible for collecting photos and reports of the last hike.
3. All the members of the club will think of the place for the next hike and discuss at our next meeting.
4. Beta Version of Hike App has been deployed in the server. All members will start to add data on the application soon.