The Book Club Weekly Meeting – 12

Published on: May 18 2016 by bookclub

Meeting –XII – The Book Club – 05.06.2016

Start Time: 10:30 am

Duration: 1 hour

Participants: Utkrista KC, Sushil Awale, Giriraj Khatri, Dipesh Poudel, Abhushan Gautam

Absentees: Suraj Regmi, Raman Pandey, Nabina Khadka,


1. Formation of Drama team.

2. Book Recording Project

3. Next Book to read

4. Book review website project

5. New ways to conduct book club session

6. Logo design

Action Items

1. Giriraj Khatri will be responsible for creating and handling the drama team. He will soon conduct

meetings and actions will be taken from the conclusion of the meeting.

2. Utkrista K.C will be handling the the Book Record Project.

3. Book session won’t be limited to just one book. We will be having 3 books including two Nepali

and one English.

4. The new logo will be designed by Aabhusan Gautam and Susil Awale.

5. Book review website project will be looked after by Dipesh Poudel and Suraj Regmi.