The Book Club Weekly Meeting – 13

Published on: May 18 2016 by bookclub

Meeting -XIII- The Book Club- 18.05.2016

Start Time: 5:10 PM.

Duration:  1:00 hour

Participants: Dipesh Poudel, Raman Pandey, Utkrista KC, Suraj Regmi,   Nabina Khadka, Sushil Awale , Giriraj Khatri

Absentees: Abhushan Gautam


  1. Puppetry Videos
  2. Drama team formation and its function
  3. New ways to conduct Book reading and discussion Session
  4. “Dohori Night” as part of DLS monthly event.
  5. Book Recording Project and training on reading Nepali poems

Action Items

  1. Sushil Awale will be leading the puppetry project. He will come up with a script in next meeting. All the other members will write at least one funny poem which is part of puppetry script.
  2. Nabina and Raman will take responsibility for conducting the book reading and discussion session.
  3. A meeting will be scheduled with The Music Club to conduct “Dohori Night”. The meeting with The Music Club take place as soon as possible
  4. All the members will convey the message about the training of reading Nepali poems and encourage interested people to take the training.