Work and passion

Published on: May 03 2016 by Administrator

work and passion

If we look in the dictionary we will see, undoubtedly, there is a difference between the definitions of “work” and “passion.” When it comes to life, however, work and passion go beyond their definitions. Passion is something that we love to do, and work is something that we have to do to earn something. If we have passion for something then we pay to do it while work is for what we are paid to do. It is fine if someone is working to earn something, but it is great if someone is working in his or her passion.

It is better to have something than to have nothing. Passion is not something that we can buy in a market. It is good if we work until we find our passion, but one thing we have to remember is that we have to love what we are doing right now. In geometry, if we look at the same 45-degree angle from opposite sides, then it becomes a 315-degree angle. In the same way, if we do not love our work then the only thing that we can do is change our sight.

We shouldn’t give up on finding our passion, and after finding our passion we have to follow it. Life is not only about earning lots of money and living a luxurious life. The world’s richest person, Bill Gates, had enough money for every possible luxury in this world, but he is still working more than twelve-hour days. I think the reason behind his hard work is his love for work—his passion. The ultimate goal of life is to be happy and happiness we get from our passion.

Shiva Tripathi

Class of 2019

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