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What a dream! A seven-year-old boy enters Deerwalk Siphal School for his interview. He is selected for primary education in class 1 to begin 2016 A.D. He completes his class 1 in 365 days with YouTube lectures and Google practical class. Tablets are provided to complete homework so all the class lectures can be saved, and it’s all for free including tuition fees as he tops his class. After completing class 1 to class 6 he graduates form primary education.

Then he joins secondary education for next two years, class 7 and class 8, on a full scholarship. By then, he is already able to communicate in five languages. He then graduates to post secondary school of class 9 and 10. He becomes the prefect in class 9 and the school head boy in class 10 in 2026 A.D. He passes his SLC (School Leaving Certificate) with flying colours. What was once the Iron Gate for his grandfather is like an automatic gate for him.

He is selected for +2 at Deerwalk Siphal School in the science stream. For the next two years he receives an allowance from the school in order to buy his gadgets. After completing +2 in 2028 A.D., he decides to pursue a B.Sc.CSIT at Deerwalk institute of Technology, a part of the Deerwalk Siphal Foundation.

For the next four years he is a college student at Deerwalk institute of Technology, and also an intern at Deerwalk Software Company. Before he graduates, he applies for a position at Deerwalk Software Company and is accepted in 2032 A.D. While working full-time he completes his masters from Deerwalk University. After completing his masters, he receives his Deerwalk royalty award for completing grade 1 to masters at Deerwalk in 2035 A.D.

He decides to marry the head girl of the Siphal Deerwalk School from his batch who was also a scholar and who currently works at Deerwalk Software Company as a manager. She also has her masters from Deerwalk University, which she completed in 2035 A.D.

Their wedding is planned by Deerwalk Events Management and is held at the Deerwalk Hotel. Deerwalk Foods prepared the wedding reception; transportation was taken care of by Deerwalk Tours and Travels.

After a few years of marriage, his wife gives birth to a beautiful girl and they decide to name her Siphali in 2040 A.D. After 6 months, Siphali goes to Deerwalk Daycare Center managed by the ladies of Deerwalk Software Company as a part of the rotation of their duties (2041 A.D.). In a few years time, Shiphali joins class 1 at Deerwalk Siphal School (2047 A.D.) and the Deerwalk cycle repeats for her life. She asks her father, “What is a computer?” and he replies with a simple answer of, “it’s an pld machine.”

Did I mention that he and his family reside in Deerwalk Residences? They go to the Deerwalk Shopping Complex to buy groceries and watch movies; they have their health check ups at Deerwalk Clinics and exercise at Deerwalk Fitness Clubs. They also enjoy swimming at the Deerwalk International Residence Complex (2046 A.D.).

I also forgot to mention that Siphali was born at Deerwalk Institute of Medicine under Deerwalk University (2040 A.D.). Dr. Siphali is now the dean at Deerwalk Institute of Medicine and her husband, Dr. Siphal, PhD, is a doctor and professor teaching at Deerwalk Institute of Technology (2080 A.D.).

Dr. Siphali and Dr. Siphal’s children attend Deerwalk Siphal School (2095 A.D.) They are retired and live in the Deerwalk Retirement Homes with their fellow Deerwalkers. Occasionally, they give lectures at Deerwalk Institute of Engineering and Architecture about their experiences. It is an interesting fact that fifteen people from one family of three generations is working, studying, or teaching at Deerwalk University located in the Central Business District of Deerwalk City (2066 A.D.).

Deerwalk City is a private city with gardens, parks, schools, health facilities, colleges, and a hospital. The city has 24-hour security, 24-hour electricity, and 24-hour water supply. The residences are equipped with everything people need and can dream of now in the year 2016 A.D. The entire city is run on renewable energy; rainwater is collected and every last drop is used multiple times in phases after it has been recycled. The garbage is used to generate electricity in addition to solar power. Biogas supplies the lpg (2066 A.D.).

Is this all a dream? Vegetables are grown in multi-story farming buildings; fruit trees are planted along the roadsides; roads are used solely for buffer zones between buildings in case of an earthquake. Only walking, jogging, bicycles, and children playing are allowed in the roads, which serve as wide-open recreational space.

As a primary means of transportation, flying vehicles are run by EMF (electric magnetic force). In present day, people laugh at the pictures of cell phones from the past when Deerwalk was first established 100 years ago, all while landing their flying rides in the Deerwalk flying ports (2100 A.D.).

Whether or not the dream comes true only time will tell. It is possible, of course; we are allowed to dream. Will-power, entrepreneurship, and extensive capital generation are required along with visionary entrepreneurs who think nothing is impossible in order to make this dream a reality.

Let us meet in 2110 A.D. for the centennial celebration of Deerwalk hosted in the Deerwalk Tower. We know we will not be alive at that time, but we might be speaking in 5d digital hologram, inspiring the future generations of humanity to build a layered city. City above city above city, just like building a high-rise building, but instead will be layers of city with vertical transportation. They are professionally trained in the art, science, and commerce of selling dreams at Deerwalk Institute of Architecture and Engineering (2026 A.D.).

If any daring entrepreneurs need the layout of Deerwalk City 2110, please contact Deerwalk Construction Company at Deerwalk Group in 2036 A.D.

Until then, time to wake up!                                                           




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Pranab Man Singh

Consulting Architect, DWIT

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