DWIT News Club Weekly Meeting

Published on: Apr 01 2016 by dwitnews

Meeting- XII- The DWIT NEWS WEEKLY MEETING- Date: 3/30/2016

Start time: 1 PM

Duration: 30 Minutes

Participants: Ashmita Kunwar, Nikita Gautam, Roajn Maharjan, Neesha Dhungana, Shreeya Panday, Sweekriti Gautam, Suraj Prasai, Osheen Shrestha, Sushil Awale, Alisa Pathak

Absentees:  Avushan Gautam , Raju Shrestha,  Mahan Adhikari, Pratyush Nepal , Shibesh Duwadi, Asmita Thapa


  1. Article discussion for the upcoming edition.
  2. Discussion about club video making
  3. Brief introduction about the implementation of SEO

Article discussion for the upcoming edition.

  1. Neesha Dhungana: Health and lifestyle
  2. Ashmita Thapa: One question
  3. Osheen Shrestha: Opinion
  4. Alisa Pathak: Creativity
  5. Shreeya Panday:  Use of technology in ICIMOD
  6. Sweekriti Gautam: Technology( Routine app)
  7. Suraj Prasai: Opinion
  8. Mahan Adhikari: Sports
  9. Book Corner: Book club
  10. Guest Column : Any guest article
  11. Avusan Gautam: Editorial
  12. Sushil Awale: Review

Discussion about club video making

All the members need to contribute for video making of the club and 3/31/2016 is scheduled for the shooting after the exam.

Brief introduction about the implementation of SEO

For now, all the members were  informed about the idea of implementing SEO in our site soon.