DWIT Social Service Club – Weekly Meeting – XIV

Published on: Mar 27 2016 by socialserviceclub

Meeting – XIV : The Social Service Club – 03.25.2016

Start Time: 12:40 PM.

Duration: 45 mins


  • Mohan Singh Bomrel, Akankshya Upadhyay,Shiva Tripathi, Aasha Poudel, Siddhartha Giri, Shila Parajuli


  • Navaraj Kharel


  1. Showing movie to the orphans on Disable and Homeless Children New Life Home
  2. Plantation of tree for the upcoming birthday of club members
  3. Continuation of computer maintenance survey


Action Items

  1. Further research for new ideas, all club members.
  2. Mohan Singh Bomrel- Tree selection for the plantation on April 2nd and April 3rd
  3. Akankshya Upadhyay- Meeting minute