IT Club Weekly Meeting Minute

Published on: Mar 26 2016 by itclub

Meeting-XI-The IT Club-03.25.2016

Start Time: 12:30 AM

Duration- 20 Minutes.

Participants: Prabin Rai, Roshan Basnet, Nischal Aryal, Saurav Bhandari, Subhamrit Bimali, Dhiraj Dhungana, Rejal Dhakal, Surya Raj Timalsina
Absentees: Rishav Bhurtel, Aashish Subedi, Anish Dhakal, Dipesh Poudel, Arjan Poudel



  1. Collecting feedback regarding current internet condition with change in the router through online survey
  2. Installing an extra Unifi AP in the 2nd floor of the DWIT main building
  3. Setting distinct SSID for each AP
  4. Installing new operating system in every system available in the lab


Task Action items

  1. IT Club sent an online survey form on 23rd It was sent among the DWIT students to collect feedback regarding internet condition with the change in the router. IT members circulated hard-copy survey form on 25th March among the students who failed to fill up the online form.
  2. An extra UniFi AP was installed in 2nd floor of the DWIT main building. It will reduce the load on single AP.
  3. Surya/Prabin will be responsible to set a distinct SSID for each AP. Deadline is 26th March.
  4. IT Club members will be installing Windows 7 OS in every system available in the lab in coming Lab Maintenance session on March 28.