IT Club Weekly Meeting Minute

Published on: Mar 21 2016 by itclub

Meeting-X-The IT Club-03.18.2016

Start Time: 12:40 PM

Duration- 20 Minutes.

Participants: Prabin Rai, Roshan Basnet, Nischal Aryal, Arjan Poudel, Dipesh Dhandari, Saurav Bhandari,  Dhiraj Dhungana, Alan Khadka
Absentees: Anish Dhakal, Rishav Bhurtel, Subhamrit Bimali, Aashish Subedi, Rejal Dhakal


  1. Assigning device id tags to all new systems
  2. Creating a feature video of IT Club
  3. Hardware debugging and Network setup training for IT members
  4. Creating a login authentication system for accessing internet
  5. Setting a separate internet network for Training class

Task Action items

  1. Saurav and Subhamrit is assigned with the task to tag device id in all the newly setup system owned by DWIT. Deadline is 21st March.
  2. Dipesh is assigned to make a feature video of the club and every member will assist him.
  3. Surya, Prabin and Nischal is assigned the task to create login system for accessing internet. Deadline is 21st March.