Book Club Discussion Session # 7

Published on: Feb 29 2016 by bookclub

The waiting Tuesday of 26 Jan 2016, finally came for the book club members and the guest reader for the book “The Grand Design”. Last two chapter of the book The Apparent Miracle and finally the topic of the book itself “The Grand Design” were discussed on today’s session.

Dipesh Poudel started the session with an interesting question asking everyone to express their perspective of miracle. After everyone expressed their idea we switched back to book. All the members and the readers expressed their views on the design of the earth and the apparent miracle that was remaining for the coming generation to solve. Many agreed with the mystery that the universe was holding but everyone believed that they would get solved many years down the lane. There was clash of idea between the members one group supported the idea that universe is said to be in Fibonacci series because we discovered the Fibonacci series, other argued that the universe is in Fibonacci series so we discovered it. We ended our session with promise to meet next week.