Book Club Discussion Session # 6

Published on: Feb 27 2016 by bookclub

The discussion was held on February 16, 2015. In this session, the members and guest readers discussed on chapters five and six of the book The Grand Design.

The session was hosted by Dipesh Poudel. He started the session by presenting his view on ‘Theory of Everything’ and asked the other members for their views. He explained the phenomenon of the universe can be described by certain mathematical formulas and expressions. Ashim Regmi, one of the guests for this session also agreed in his view and supported the very first sentence “The Universe is comprehensive because it is governed by scientific laws.” of the chapter five. The other members also seemed to agree with this sentence. Similarly, the other discussions were on the topics how the future is going to evolve? The universe is expanding and it is very amazing to think that were will human beings found themselves after millions of years. The question raised by Kundan Rana “Is universe a living being?” made all the members think for a while and was followed by a heated discussion.

The sessions was a success and ended with the decision of meeting next Tuesday to discuss the remaining last two chapters i.e. seven and eight.