DWIT Social Service Club – Weekly Meeting – VIII

Published on: Feb 14 2016 by socialserviceclub

Meeting – VIII- DWIT Social Service Club- Date: 02/12/2016

Start time: 4:10-5:00 P:M

Duration: 50 minutes

Participants: Mohan Singh Bomrel, Aakanshya Upadhayay , Aasha Poudel ,Siddhartha Giri, Shiva Tripathi, Navaraj Kharel

Absentees:  Shila Parajuli

The Meeting was held with Deerwalk Social Welfare Network’s members.


  1. Survey Questionaires about the computer maintenance sessions is to be made for Government school around ward n0. 7.
  2. Nursery to be developed in the yard provided by College.
  3. Continuation of conservation of plants planted by previous members of the club.

Action Items:

  1. Talk with the College’s Gardener about the new nursery to be developed and conservation of the plants.
  2. Guidance classes has been postponed because of college’s picnic program.
  3. Next Meeting: Discussion on continuation of Guidance classes for Week III.