Raw Rhythms III

Published on: Jan 18 2016 by musicclub

Our third unplugged session on 14th January 2016 was held successfully in Nuptse hall. The event started from 5pm with the total of 8 performances. The performers were:

  1. Anil Lama
  2. Suyog Shrestha, Dipal Malla, Mahan Adhikari, Sahil Karki and Sushant Gurung
  3. Abhisekh Khatiwada and Bishal Timalsina
  4. Sharun Sangat and Suyog Shrestha
  5. Bidish Acharya
  6. Dipesh Bhandari
  7. Ankit Karki and Prasiddha Khadka
  8. Music Club

It was a successful event as large number of people turned up for the performances. Each and every performances were good and enjoyed by the crowd.
It was exciting to see employees from Deerwalk services in the crowd. Furthermore one of the employee Hima Tamang performed brilliantly to entertain the crowd.
We(Music Club) performed a farewell song for the batch of 2015. The song was named “Din Haru” and it was composed by the club. All and all the event turned out to be huge and exciting.


Music Club poses with batch of 2015