Music Club Meeting #3

Published on: Jan 14 2016 by musicclub

Meeting 3- The Music Club – 01/13/2016

Start time: 4:40 – 5:10PM

Duration: 30 minutes


Sushant Gurung, Anmol Shrestha, Bishal Timalsina, Sharrun Sangat, Ked Raj Gurung, Suyog Shrestha, Shahil Karki, Shreya Acharya

Report by: Shahil Karki

Discussed Agendas

Agenda 1: Finalizing the performance list for Raw Rhythms 3.

Agenda 2: Equipment for Raw Rhythm 3.

Agenda 3: Invitation to Students, Media club, and performers.

Action Items generated

Action 1: All the members were assigned with their jobs, Sherya to send mail to the participants and Media club.

Action 2: Performance list was generated.

Action 3: Jam session to be conducted this Saturday.

Action 4: Guitar and mic wires to be bought.