The DeerExpress Club Weekly Meeting-II

Published on: Jan 08 2016 by deerexpressclub

Meeting – II – The DeerExpress Club – 01/07/2016

Start Time: 4:10 pm

Participants:Barsha Dahal, Prayush Shrestha Iris Pokharel, Milan Budhathoki, Sabina Shrestha,
Prakriti Shre Tuladhar

Absentees: Munmun Shrestha (informed)


  1. Discussion about the draft plans for upcoming events.
  2. Discussion about the responsibilities decided among the club members.
  3. Discussion about whether the DeerQuiz would be organized in every session or not.
  4. Discussion about taking responsibility in regular basis.
  5. Discussion on the guest list chosen by the students.
  6. Discussion on the proper use of budget being the member of this club.
  7. Discussion on the specific time for letting hiking club show their videos.
  8. Discussion on the idea regarding club logo.
  9. Discussion on the way to handle crowd throughout the program.


Action Items:

  • President: Monitor and assign task to the members in each and every events and will be updating doko site.
  • Vice President:Buy chocolates for the winer of the session and direct others members regarding their assigned task.
  • Reporters (Iris, Prakriti): Iris will be writing report and Prakriti will be editing them.
  • Prakriti: Be ready with the things club require before starting the program. (i.e. Attendance sheet, Judgement sheet)
  • Munmun: Will be hosting this session in the guidance of Prayush.
  • Cinematographer (Milan): Will be Shooting this event.
  • Sabina: Will note the time.
  • DeerTalk will be held this week, the presentation session.
  • DeerQuiz will not be organized in every sessions.
  • DeerTalk will be organized in a small hall,only students of the batch of 18 and 19 should attend the event.
  • Logo will be completed this week and will be updated in our Facebook page.
  • Talk program by the guest speaker will be organized on the next Friday.
  • We decided to snatch mobile if anyone would be found using it during the program.