Fortnightly Movie Show Series XXXI:– ‘Donnie Darko’

Published on: Nov 28 2015 by documentaryclub
TITLE Fortnightly Movie Show Series XXXI-‘Donnie Darko’
DATE 26th November 2015
COORDINATOR The Documentary/Movie Club
PARTICIPANTS Batch 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
PHOTOS BY Mohan Singh Bomrel
REPORT BY Subin Tha Shrestha
EDITED BY Rojina Karki








School of Computer Science and Information Technology

The Documentary & Movie Club

Donnie Darko

26th November 2015

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Running time: 2 hr 13 min

Do you want to know whether the world you are dwelling now is a Primary Universe or a Parallel Universe? Writer-director Richard Kelly has his different and very interesting philosophy regarding that matter. Richard has included time-travel & super-powers to support the story in Donnie Darko.While traveling through time and experiencing a parallel universe are still a fantasy, suspense-thriller-Sci-Fi movie Donnie Darko (2001) discloses a whole another world that can exist because of a very rare phenomenon or a condition in it.

In the movie, the incident when the impenetrable fourth dimension of time is corrupted, a tangent world is created. However, the grounds of the construction of the tangent universe in the movie are unclear till the end. The incredibly rare event is followed by a series of characters (humans) for the successful conclusion of the tangent universe itself as it collapses within a few weeks after the creation. For an instance, one of the manipulated-dead, Frank is a dead person in that universe. Frank travels through time to the present from a future. He is a cause for Donnie’s actions to cause some inevitable events. Similarly, tangent-universe, the artifact-and-the-living, manipulated-living, living-receiver, insurance-trap, dreams are causes, characters and effects in the universe. The receiver, in fact, gains super-natural powers like telekinesis, ability to conjure fire, water and increased strength.Also, the movie somewhere includes religion and existence of gods. The screen-play and sounds effects in Donnie darko are exceptional. I liked the way the movie played events to reveal the true identity of characters in the tangent universe as a suspense- thriller. Even though there are no animations to represent the fiction and super-powers, the consequence prove their existence. The information about characters of tangent universe is exposed in a book Donnie acquires.The book “The Philosophy of Time-Travel” is written by Roberta Sparrow. She wrote the book after she survived a preceding tangent universe as living-receiver. This concept makes the movie realistic. are a believer of alternate universe and time-travel, I recommend this movie.

You can go through the link before you watch Donnie Darko ( After reading the chapters from the link, you might want to scan through your past to learn if you are a time-traveler.

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